Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kosteniuk performs well in Aeroflot 2006

Alexandra Kosteniuk finishes in 24th place in the very strong Aeroflot championship.
She achieved a performance rating (TPR) of 2657 which is a very good result considering she her
actual ELO is just 2514 only. She played 9 very strong male GMs (+2 =6 -1). Also impressive was she was only seeded 90 but ended up finishing in 24th place.

Here's Kosteniuk's win over GM Kepinski (ELO 2619):

Friday, February 10, 2006

Koneru vs Smeets

Humpy Koneru of India is continuing her steady improvement in the past few years. She recently completed Corus B group with a minus one score (2580 performance), beating Cheparinov, Smeets, Stellwagen and Lahno along the way.

quote from Susan Polgar Blog

Here's a game showing her prowress beating Smeets.Analysis by Susan Polgar

Thursday, February 09, 2006

World Women Championship

The Women World Chess Championship will take place next month.
Date: March 10-27
Ekaterinburg, Russia

Exciting times because at least 20 of the active strongest chess players in the world will be fighting for the championship.

Alexandra Kosteniuk is one of the strongest player there. We are sure that the web savvy GM will cover the event well at her website.

The top 10 players taking part:
1 Koneru, Humpy
2 Cramling Pia
3 Kosteniuk, Alexandra
4 Chiburdanidze, Maya
5 Xu, Yuhua
6 Lahno Kateryna
7 Stefanova, Antoaneta
8 Zhu, Chen
9 Kosintseva Nadezhda
10 Hoang Xuan Thanh Khiet
Full list of particpants

Chess Queens

This blog is to promote chess for girls. Many more females are playing competitive chess and I hope one day girls will make a stronger mark in the chess scene.